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This Page Is About Us, But Our Auto Repair Shop Is All About YOU!

Mark Laudenslager, the Founder, established LT Automotive in 1997 to fix cars a certain way—the right way, accurately and honestly. We love working with our team and getting to know our customers. Over the years, LT Automotive has built relationships so everyone can grow together. The crew at LT Automotive works hard and appreciates value, which we pass on to our customers. In this way, we believe we help keep other shops honest. So please take a moment to get to know us. We, the staff at LT Automotive, look forward to getting to know you, too!

“Folks need an auto repair shop they can trust. People will always have cars and will always need them to be serviced and repaired. So, we like to think of our customers as friends—they need us, and we need them.” -Mark Laudenslager, Founder


LT Automotive started servicing Northern Nevada as LT Mufflers & Brakes in 1997. Specializing in high-quality exhaust systems for all vehicles, LT Mufflers and Brakes grew an ability to perform full-service auto repair and maintenance and became known as LT Automotive. LT Automotive has always held very high standards for quality and customer service. This insistence on excellence has contributed to our prolonged success through times of feast and famine.

In addition to being a NAPA AutoCare Center, LT Automotive is also a AAA approved repair shop! Over the years, LT Automotive has joined with other Reno NAPA AutoCare Centers and donated cars to needy families. We have also given back to the community by supporting the VFW, local high schools, Nevada Bighorns Unlimited, and the local fire and police departments’ food and injured members funds. As a small business, LT Automotive will always look for ways to give back to the local area.

Mark Laudenslager - Owner of LT Automotive

Get to Know Our Superhero Mechanics

  • Brian

    I’ve worked at LT Automotive since 2018, but I’ve been a mechanic for more than 35 years. I’ve known Mark for many years. Over the years that we’ve been friends, he asked me to work at LT. So I finally told him that I would come over to LT.

    I’m the shop foreman. It’s my job to make sure that the technicians have all of the information and tools that they need to perform repairs. Mark and I have a great working relationship. We’ve known each other for so long that it’s really easy to show him what we need in the shop.

    When I’m not at work, I enjoy being outdoors. My wife and I have some land, and we have a few animals that we take care of. I enjoy being outdoors and learning more about vehicles. I grew up in Washington, and I like to visit.

  • Jon
    JonService Writer

    I started work at LT Automotive about three years ago. Before I came to LT, I ran a property maintenance company, and I also operated a franchise of a large home security business. When I interviewed with Mark, he explained how my experience would fit into LT. He ran a tight shop that believed in the highest level of customer service and honesty, so I made the decision to join the team, and I’m glad I did.

    I enjoy the camaraderie of our shop. Our crew knows their stuff, so it makes tough jobs easier. Our team enjoys learning and sharing knowledge, which is great because working in the automotive industry, you’re always learning.

    When I’m not at work, I like to do metal and wood working. My family and I as well as our dogs and cats enjoy vacations on the beach at the ocean.

  • Blake

    I’ve worked at LT Automotive since the middle of 2019. I’ve been an automotive technician for more than 8 years. LT Automotive has given me the chance to expand my automotive knowledge, learning and growing my skills.

    Working on Toyota and Subarus is my favorite work in the shop, but we also work on all makes and models of vehicles, such as Chevy, Dodge, Fords, and of course Honda too. I work on brakes and suspension, but I also get to do exhaust work, check engine problems. It’s great experience.

    When I’m not at work, I like to take my three dogs hiking and camping. My wife and I travel to Washington too, where many of our friends have moved to. Sometimes you can catch me playing disc golf, and we can talk about going fishing.

  • Tonya
    TonyaService Advisor

    I joined LT about three years ago when I applied for an office position. LT Automotive was a small shop, and I liked the team. Before I came to LT Automotive, I worked as a store manager for a large parts chain, and also as a pharmacy tech.

    My customers are my favorite part of the job. We treat people as if they are our extended family. I make sure our customers feel comfortable in the shop, letting them know what’s happening with their vehicle, so they are informed.

    When I’m not at work, I go with my family out to the desert and rock crawl. The ocean is my favorite place to visit.

  • JohnService Manager

    I joined LT Automotive in 2009 but left in 2012 to pursue a different position. In 2020, I returned to LT Automotive. I’ve worked in the automotive industry for 30 years in many different roles.

    I started as a lube tech and then worked in brakes and suspension, then became ASE certified and worked in parts for 16 years. I worked as a dealership service writer and manager, then as a shop foreman, and finally I’m the shop manager at LT.

    My expertise is in parts’ numbers, fittings, fuel systems, diagnosis specialties, and our customer concerns. When a customer walks in our door, we make sure they share their vehicle issues with us, so we can address them. Our customers are our priority, always.

    When I’m not at work, I am drag racing, camping and shooting. I really like traveling to the coast of Oregon. It’s beautiful.

  • MarioTechnician

    I joined LT Automotive in late 2020. I’ve worked in the automotive industry for more than twenty years with different automotive shops. I knew of LT because I liked their advertising: The LT Super Dog who saves the day. I liked the character and the company, so I applied for a position.

    At LT, we get to work on different makes and models, which builds my knowledge, giving me the opportunity to expand my skills. Working on brakes and suspensions is what I most like to do.

    When I’m not working at LT, I’m at home with my family and my dog. I like to take my wife to Michoacan state in Mexico, or we travel to Cancun