An Auto Repair Shop that Loves People

Mark Laudenslager founded LT Automotive in 1995 to do auto repair service his way. You see, Mark’s a people person—he loves working with his employees and getting to know his customers. With his own auto repair shop, he can pass on his knowledge to the next generation of Reno mechanics and make a real difference for the auto repair in Reno.

Get to Know Our Auto Repair Service Crew

The crew at LT Automotive works hard and appreciates value, which we pass on to our customers. In this way, we believe we keep other shops honest. We also work as a team—each of us has unique skills that we share with each other to improve our shop as a whole. Take a moment to get to know our crew, and contact us to learn more about our auto repair services.

Mark Laudenslager, Owner

Mark has over 30 years of experience in the automotive repair industry. He got his start with exhaust work, mastering the skills required to create high-quality exhaust systems for all types of vehicles. After many years of working for other shops, Mark’s inner-entrepreneur decided he should start his own business, and Mark founded LT Mufflers & Brakes in 1995. He changed the name to LT Automotive in 2011 to reflect the shop’s ability to perform all types of auto maintenance and auto repairs. Mark has always held very high standards for workmanship and customer service. This insistence on excellence has contributed to his long success through times of feast as well as famine.

Over the years, Mark has gotten together with other Reno NAPA auto care centers and donated cars to needy families. He also gives back to the community by supporting the VFW, local high schools, Nevada Bighorns Unlimited, and the local fire and police departments’ food and injured members funds. In addition, he’s been a member of the local BNI chapter.

Mark and his wife, Cindy, have two boys and enjoy hunting, fishing, gardening, cooking, and trying new restaurants in Reno.

Get to Know Our Auto Repair Service Crew

Our staff at LT Automotive wishing you a happy holiday season! Bruce also has his own video for his retirement!

Matt, LT Automotive Reno

Matt, Awesome Technician

Matt is our newest mechanic. He's been with us for a little over two weeks and loves learning new things every day. He specializes in exhaust work, which he's been doing for a little over 8 years now. He also does an amazing job at welding. He likes spending time outdoors and enjoys activities such as mountain biking, motocross, hunting, and fishing.

Devin, LT Automotive Reno

Devin Ellis, Awesome Technician

Devin is the exhaust expert at LT Automotive. He is the youngest man on our team, but he has proven that age and knowledge do not always coincide. He started working in the auto repair industry at the age of 16, and continues to expand his skill set. He particularly enjoys working on car AC repairs to keep the customers cool. He enjoys spending time outdoors, snowboarding, camping, fishing, and spending time with friends.

JW, LT Automotive Reno

JW, Rockstar Service Writer

He loves the outdoors and enjoys hobbies such as fishing, hunting, and camping. He has two grandchildren that he loves spending a lot of time with but while he's here at LT he works hard to ensure our customers are happy and their cars get fixed right. He specializes in customer calls and front desk duties. He has been working with us for a little over 4 months now and is looking forward to being here for years to come. He has 32 years' experience in the auto industry and still enjoys it to this day.

JW, LT Automotive Reno

Chris, Rockstar Service Writer

He's a former manager at PepBoys and has been in the automotive industry for over 25 years now. He loves to take his family for rides in his Mustang and enjoys taking his wife's Jeep out to go off-roading.

Jennifer, LT Automotive Reno

Krysta, Administrations Assistant

She's a photographer who loves capturing the perfect moment. She has been with the company for about a month now and works directly with the media on various subjects. She also helps assist with customer call-backs to see how they're experience was and what we can do for them to make things even better at our shop. She has no hands-on automotive experience but that's where her avid journalism and multi-media skills come in.