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Why work with LT Automotive?

We treat our people right, and we're proud of it. We do good work and do right by our customers, and we're proud of it. We run a clean, modern shop, and most of our work is from returning customers.

Work ethic

We don't work weekends. We try really hard to get everyone out of the building on time, every day. At the end of each day, we clean up our bays, secure customer cars, and our goal is to be turning the key in the lock as soon after 5pm as we can manage. We all have full lives outside of work, and our families need us. If you need time off in the middle of the day for a doctor appointment, that's no problem, just tell us so we can schedule around it.

The owners are deliberately choosing to be a little less profitable in order to treat our people well and have a chill place to work. We're deliberately choosing to take on bigger jobs, instead of becoming a rapid-fire, quick change sort of shop. That doesn't mean we don't work at a fast pace, but it does mean we're realistic about scheduling, what we can get done and what compromises the business needs to make. We quality-check each vehicle before it leaves us, so we rarely have a disappointed customer coming back.

Health and Safety

We make sure you have all the safety gear you might need - we don't want you getting hurt. It's bad for you, and it's bad for business. We're not interested in burning people out or working them to the bone, that doesn't help anyone. We don't skimp on safety equipment or shop supplies. We pay attention to broken or worn equipment, and we get it fixed. We clean up oil spills right away, we pick up after ourselves.


We see ourselves as a training shop - we know we can never hire the set of skills we need in one person, so we're always willing to set aside time and materials for training. We are careful and deliberate about who needs training, and if they can be coached by one of our more experienced techs.

We want you to get your ASE certifications - it may not make a big difference on any one job but the experience adds up, and it reassures customers that we really do know what we're doing. If you're going to drive our forklift, we'll make time for a short training course.

We'll pay for your books and training materials. We'll give you time off to study, and to take any tests. We'll pay your test fees. We'll pay your re-test fees if it doesn't go smoothly, and then we'll pay it again until you succeed. You succeeding is critical to us succeeding, and we're happy to invest in you.

Blameless Culture

We try to operate a blameless culture. Mistakes happen, things go wrong - we get it - but we don't want to point fingers at an individual. It's usually a business process failure instead - we didn't give you the right training, we could have had a more experienced person double check something, we got some paperwork wrong, there was a miscommunication, etc. Whatever it is, we try hard to not blame the person, but instead we step back and look at why the mistake happened, and what we can change at any level of the business to reduce the chance of that mistake happening again.

Respect and civic duty

We don't tolerate disrespect among our crew - we expect everyone to be professional, to be considerate of each other, to look out for each other's safety, and when we disagree we're going to discuss it calmly and find common ground. The automotive industry is filled with big egos, and we're not interested in having or creating drama at work.

This ties into the training point above - we believe we can train people on any skill they might need, but we can't train people who just have a built-in bad attitude.

Whatever your politics, we make sure you have time off to vote - democracy and civic duty is important to us. The United States offers us great freedoms that were hard won, and we want you to have the time to exercise your rights.


  • Health insurance.
  • Vision and Dental insurance.
  • Accident insurance through AFLAC.
  • Performance-based weekly bonus.
  • Annual bonus plan.
  • Direct deposit pay.
  • Time off to vote.
  • Paid-for training - time, materials, tests.
  • Use of the shop space and equipment on weekends for your own vehicles, if you need it.

Open Positions

We're expanding and our business is growing, so we're always keeping an eye out for talented people. If you know how to provide excellent customer service, or bend and weld exhaust, or if you're great at vehicle diagnostics, or if you're just starting out and you want to learn from our master techs, we still want to hear from you.

How to apply

You can email your resume to, or you can call us at (775) 828-7373, or you can visit us in person at 669 Linden St, Reno and ask for the general manager, John. Don't worry, he's friendly - ask him about his drag racing car!

It's always good to come at us with questions - we want you to choose to work with us, as much as we might choose you. We think we have a lot to offer as a place to work, and we work hard to keep our folks happy. Let's start off on the right foot with a conversation about what we're both looking for, and what we can offer each other.

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